A Month of Editorial Assigments

The other month, I had the pleasure of being super busy shooting a heathy handful of editorial portraits for Fast company and Entrepreneur magazine.

Laura Ching for Fast Company Magazine:

For Fast Company Magazine’s June issue, I got to meet and photograph Laura Ching who was named one of the 100 most creative people in business of 2011 by the publication, for her online stationary company Tiny Prints. In addition to the still image, I shot a stop motion piece following the same concept which was used for the magazines first Ipad edition. 


Mark Gilbreath for Entrepreneur Magazine:

Founder of Liquidspace, Mark found a way to recycle America’s vacant office space by making it available for small startups and mobile workers via a nifty app.  


Pasha Sadri + Jess Lee for  Entrepreneur Magazine:

Named one of Entrepreneur’s 100 brilliant companies, Polyvore, founded by Jess and Pasha, has become one of my favorite sites! Being in full swing of re-designing the interior of my house, polyvore is the perfect online tool to create mood boards of my vision for my future home & shop for furniture (saved links and all). Right now the site mainly focuses on the trends in the fashion world.. but really you can make “sets” from anything on the internet. Im there~! Here is my Polyvore profile.


Adam Goldstein for Entrepreneur Magazine:

I met Adam at SFO for our shoot right before he skipped town for a business meeting. Hipmunk, also named as one of Entrepreneur’s 100 Brilliant companies, is a flight/travel search website and app, so the airport location was more than appropriate. And the name of the company.. should explain that t-shirt. : )


Will Hauser for Entrepreneur Magazine:

It was super inspiring to meet and photograph Will. His company Two Degrees, was founded on the idea that consumers would chose their product over a competitor’s based on the fact that the purchase would directly help feed a starving child.  You have heard of Tom’s shoes right? Well, essentially it’s the same deal, only they have replaced the shoes with nutrition. Even time you buy one of their food bars (now available at nor cal Whole foods locations) a nutrition pack is sent to feed a hungry child. They are supper yummy.. better than any cliff bar I’ve had.. so the choice is a no-brainer! 

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